Spring 2019: Guest Lecturer, ECON 390 The Economics of Growing Up (UW Madison undergraduate, Pauley)

Spring 2018: Guest Lecturer, ELPA 940 Economics of Education (UW Madison graduate level course in educational policy school, Persico) Slides: Quasi-experimental Methods

Fall 2016: Econ 301, Intermediate Microeconomic Theory (UW Madison, Hansen)

Rating: 4.62/5, received ‘Distinguished Teaching Assistant’ citation (average score for dept. TAs = 4.12)

Fall 2015, Spring 2016: Econ 101, Principles of Microeconomics  (UW Madison, Hansen)

Rating: 4.43/5, received ‘Excellent’ citation (average score for dept. TAs = 4.13)

Fall 2012: Econ 035 Econometrics (Swarthmore College, Jefferson)

Fall 2011: Econ 001 Introduction to Economics (Swarthmore College, Brusentsev)